Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Fairy Autumn Harvest

 This tutorial was done with my own ideas any similarities are purely coincidental. This tutorial is there for a guide you do not need to copy it exact be as creative as you like.

Supplies needed
Psp, I am using psp x4, but any version will do.
Mask of Choice: I used Mask 10 from Horseplays Pastures
Tube of choice: I used the gorgeous art of Barbara Jensen
PTU kit by Kittie's Sinful Designs call A Fairy Autumn Harvest. You can buy this kit from Mystical Scraps
Font of choice: I used Frosting for Breakfast
Lets Begin
I used a dropshadow on each of my elements as I went along, settings used were 2,2,50,5

 Open up a new transparent  image 700 x 700, you can resize at the end, floodfill background white
Copy and paste element 122 on to your canvas, grab your magic wand and click inside the frame. Selections, select all, float, defloat. Copy and paste one of the papers from the kit. Selections invert, and hit delete. Select none. Move the paper layer under the frame.

Back to the top, copt and paste element 97.
Copy and paste element 81, resize 50 percent then 75 percent. Move to the bottom left of the frame, duplicate then mirror. 

Copy and paste element 98. 
Element 40 resize by 50 percent, move to the right hand side of the frame, duplicate and mirror.
Add element 42 and mve up slightly
Copy and paste your tube, resizing if needed.
Add Element 114, Image, free rotate 90 degrees left. Move down to the bottom of the frame. Grab your magic wand and click inside each of the frames.   Selections, select all, float, defloat, add a new layer, copy and paste one of the papers into selection. Select down. Move down under element 114.

Copy and paste element 88, resize bt 50 percent then 75 percent then place under the middle frame. duplicate. On the duplicate, guassian blur 4 then change blend mode to screen, on th original change blend mode to luminance (legacy)

Copy and paste you tube into the 1st frame, duplicate and do the same as element 88. Repeat for the 3rd frame. 
Copy amd paste element 108 and place on t the top right of th frames,
Copy, paste and resize and other elements you like,
 Go to the background layer, copy and paste another paper  add your mask, merge group.

Add your copyright and name, resize and crop if needed, delete background layer and save as a png.
I hope you liked my tut, would love to see your results

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