Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Sweet Kisses

This tutorial was done with my own ideas any similarities are purely coincidental. This tutorial is there for a guide you do not need to copy it exact be as creative as you like.

Supplies needed

Psp, I am using psp x4, but any version will do.
Mask of Choice: I used Mask 2 from Lexi Creationz Scrapz
Tube of choice: I used the stunning art of Zlata which can be found at PFD
Scrap Kit of choice: I used an old PTU kit from Bibi's Collection
You will need to like her facebook page to get the password for the kit
Font of choice: I used Allura

Lets Begin

I used a dropshadow on each of my elements as I went along, settings used were 2,2,50,5

 Open up a new transparent  image 700 x 700, you can resize at the end, floodfill background white

Copy and paste Elem (14) on to your canvas, resize to 95 percent
Elem (19), resize to 95 percent
Elem (39), resize to 80 percent. I recoloured mine to match more with the tube but this is optonal

Go back to the layer with element (14) grab your magic want and click inside the frame. selections modify expand by 10, add a new layer, copy and paste paper (2) into selection. Selections, select none. Move your paper layer under the frame.

Go back to Elem (39), copy and paste elem (12), resize to 70 percent, move to the bottom left of the frames
Elem (62), resize 70 percent, move to the top of elem (12), duplicate and place that to th bottom of element (12).
Copy and paste elem (54), resize 70 percent and place at the bottom of the frames.

Elem (91) resize 70 percent, image free rotate 90 left, place to the left of the frames.
Elem (2) paste to the left.

Copy and paste your tube resize 

Add some more element until you are happy with how it looks

Go to the background layer, copy and paste paper (5), add your mask, merge group

Add your copyright and name, resize and crop if needed, delete background layer and save as a png.

I hope you liked my tut, would love to see your results

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